Who’s This Guy?: Thaddeus Young

Welcome back to “Who’s This Guy?” a look at the 2013-14 Sixers Roster. Yesterday we met Evan Turner, the king of Instagram. Today, we look at Thaddeus Young.


Name: Thaddeus Young

Position: SF/PF

Number: 21

Age: 25

Height: 6’8

College: Georgia Tech

2013-14 Salary (per Basketball-Reference.com): $8.85 Million

2012-13 Stats (per Basketball-Reference.com): 34.6 MPG, 14.8 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 1.8 STL

How Acquired: Drafted 12th overall in the 2007 NBA Draft.

Pros: Say what you want about Thad, but he is a very solid player. He rebounds, plays defense, dives after loose balls, and has a pretty good mid-range game. He’s quick and athletic and though he isn’t a star by any means he does everything that he’s asked to do. He never complains, never causes problems and can provide the team a lift anytime he is in the game. He isn’t exciting, but he rarely hurts the team, and isn’t that really a plus these days in Philly?

Cons: He’s really too undersized to play power forward, but has been asked to play there quite a bit over the past few seasons. Bigger fours can move him around pretty easily, but he does make up for that with a strong effort on a nightly basis. As a lefty, he sometimes has trouble with his right hand, which also causes problems when he is on offense. Finally, he doesn’t pass the ball very well and pulls teammates out of position when he fires a ball high or wide.

Young is the kind of player who is important to have on a young team. He can provide leadership on the court, and knows how the league works. He is perfect for this Sixers team because he won’t hang his head and get discouraged when things get bad, and they will get baaad. Sure, he might make too much money, and he’s developed kind of slowly, but he really is the kind of player that Philadelphians love, think about him as a more talented George Lynch. Good teams always need a player like Young, and hopefully, if they can turn this around fast enough he can fill the role of the grizzled veteran and help the team grow.

Tomorrow: Furkan Aldemir


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