Who’s This Guy?: Brandon Davies

Welcome back to “Who’s This Guy?” a look at the 2013-14 Sixers Roster. Since we last met on here, two new players have been added to the mix. Today, BYU Honor Code violator Brandon Davies.


Name: Brandon Davies

Position: PF

Number: 20

Age: 22

Height: 6’10

College: BYU

2013-14 Salary (per basketball-reference.com): $490,180

2012-13 Stats: (BYU) 33.4 MPG, 20.5 PPG, 4.0 APG, 1.7 SPG

How Acquired: Signed by the Sixers as an undrafted free agent.

Pros: Davies is big at 6’10, 240. He has long arms and will play in the post. He doesn’t complain about doing dirty work and won’t drift out to the perimeter like some other big men on the team tend to do. Playing one-on-one with his defender down low he can use his length to get the ball into the basket. He is long enough to change shots in the lane and disrupt passes.

Cons: He isn’t a great passer or ball handler. He isn’t incredibly athletic and doesn’t have great balance, so he gets moved easily by his defender and can be bumped around on defense. He doesn’t shoot free throws well, and can’t really shoot from the perimeter, which goes both ways. If the first three games are any indication, Davies will probably play sparingly.

Davies was born in Philly, then adopted by a woman in Provo, Utah which is where he grew up. He went to BYU, had sex with his girlfriend and was suspended for it.  Fun fact: the last BYU athlete who went from an honor code suspension to Philadelphia was Eagles RB/ Chickie & Pete’s Host Reno Mahe.

Tomorrow: Daniel Orton  


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